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the Egg


  • 23 March - 7 April

Event Information

Daily: 9.30am, 11.30am & 1.30pm
(Not Mondays)

Age: 6mths - 4yrs

All Tickets: £10 (Lap seats available for ages 0-6 months)

Relaxed Performances: 28 March 9.30am and 6 April 1.30pm

But not all acorns are good. Some are downright second rate.

And Squirrel is fussy like that.

Under the light of the sun, between the houses and the offices, and the rivers and the factories, Squirrel has buried their favourite acorn collection.

It’s easy to remember where; it’s under the third tree from the left.

Or was it the right? Oh hang on a minute…

This is a story of new growth and new beginnings with a sprinkling of magic and puppetry to charm audiences of every age! Recommended for children aged 6 months to 4 years who are actively encouraged to take part in the show.

★★★★This small wonder is full of surprises... an irresistible treat for under-fives - The Guardian 

Daily: 9.30am, 11.30am & 1.30pm
(Not Mondays)

Age: 6mths - 4 yrs

All Tickets: £10 (Lap seats available for ages 0-6 months)

Relaxed Performances: 28 March 9.30am and 6 April 1.30pm

Relaxed performances are devised to make theatre more accessible to people disabled by the usual rules of theatre etiquette. Relaxed Performances are open to everyone and remove nothing from the production. They benefit a huge range of audiences including those with autism, movement disorders, dementia, learning disabilities or just being a child!

Ours take on the following characteristics:

  • A free, Visual Story to help you prepare for the visit, which will be available from 1 week before the first performance on the performance page. This will give you clear, understandable advanced information
  • A relaxed approach to movement and noise coming from the audience; our Front of House team won’t ‘shush’ you or ask you to be quiet.
  • A chill out space at balcony level which can be accessed throughout the performance.
  • Ear defenders on request.
  • Download the Visual Story

Squirrel has been created by Kate Cross (Founder/Director of The Egg at the Theatre Royal Bath), Tim Bell (Senior Producer for Complicité) and Caroline Garland, Kilter Theatre. It is designed by Anisha Fields (one of The Guardian’s ‘12 Theatre Stars for 2020’), Sound Design by Dinah Mullen, Lighting by David Treanor (Chief LX on Harry Potter and The Cursed Child) and Puppetry by Marc Parrett.

Box Office phone lines are open from 10am – 6pm Monday – Saturday

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If you have any concerns regarding the content of any production, please speak to the Egg Reception.

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