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the Egg


  • 30 - 31 May

Event Information

Dates & Times

Thursday 30 May: 11.30am & 3pm

Friday 31 May: 11.30am & 3pm

Tickets: £10

Running Time: 45 minutes 

Prepare to soar through the fluffy clouds where flocks of birds and butterflies flutter. Explore the dream-like world that waits above us, in this multi-sensory dance experience.

Go on a magical journey with Skydiver and experience how movement, sound and stunning visuals bring whimsical characters to life in an enchanting encounter in the skies.

Greek dance artist, dramaturg and director Xenia Aidonopoulou makes visually compelling dance-theatre works filled with wonder and imagination that will captivate even the youngest audience members.

Download the Skydiver Visual Story 

Dates & Times

Thursday 30 May: 11.30am & 3pm

Friday 31 May: 11.30am & 3pm

Tickets: £10

Running Time: 45 minutes 

Relaxed Performances

All Performances

Relaxed performances are devised to make theatre more accessible to people disabled by the usual rules of theatre etiquette. Relaxed Performances are open to everyone and remove nothing from the production. They benefit a huge range of audiences including those with autism, movement disorders, dementia, learning disabilities or just being a child!

What to expect: 

  • A free, Visual Story to help you prepare for the visit, which will be available from 1 week before the first performance on the performance page. This will give you clear, understandable advanced information
  • A relaxed approach to movement and noise coming from the audience; our Front of House team won’t ‘shush’ you or ask you to be quiet.
  • A breakout space at balcony level which can be accessed throughout the performance.
  • Ear defenders on request.

Skydiver by Xenia Aidonopoulou

Concept & Direction Xenia Aidonopoulou

Created with Lydia Walker, (JJ) William James, Philip Hulford & Yu-Chien Cheng

Performed by Lydia Walker, (JJ) William James, Philip Hulford, Yu-Chien Cheng & Jordan Ajadi

Music Composition Jonny Pilcher

Costume Design Mayou Trikerioti

Puppet & ‘Clouds’ Design Alison Alexander

Scenography Xenia Aidonopoulou, Alison Alexander, Mayou Trikerioti

Lighting Design Chris Burr, Xenia Aidonopoulou

Production Photographer by Nikolas Louka

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