Ustinov Studio

Half Life

  • September - November 2016
Half Life

Event Information

Ustinov Studio, Autumn 2016

★★★★ “Faultless performances” Guardian

★★★★ “A production of shrewd insight and quiet wonder. Gently comical as well as piercingly tender” The Times


★★★★ Mail on Sunday

This award-winning comedy tells the story of Clara and Patrick, two elderly residents of a nursing home. Patrick was a mathematician and code-breaker, Clara is a beautiful innocent with a fading memory. Will their adult children be able to come to terms with their own feelings as their elderly parents fall passionately in love?

Half Life explores the nature of memory and aging and the universal power of love with humour and tenderness.

Ustinov Studio,

Thursday 29 September – Saturday 5 November 2016

Written by John Mighton

Directed by Nancy Meckler

Cast includes: Ishia Bennison, Silas Carson, Raymond Coulthard, Patrick Godfrey, Holly De Jong, Patricia Potter and Helen Ryan

Designed by Janet Bird

Lighting designed by Colin Grenfell

Composer and sound designed by Philip Pinsky

Casting Director – Ginny Schiller CDG