the egg


  • 1-30 June
  • An interactive online thriller

Event Information

Dates: 1st-30th June (excluding Sundays)

Playing window: 2pm-midnight

Ticket: £10 per screen

“Interactive desktop game from the Egg Assembly’s team of young creatives, filled with small surprises and witty production … Its multiplicity and profound sense of cross-medium collaboration makes ROUTES feel immersive and enriching … The show’s final message is genuinely startling.” – The Stage ★★★★

You’re a stranger here, who you trust is a choice.

So, choose.

When your friend goes unexpectedly missing, you are the one tasked with finding the answers. But, in a dangerous world of high-stakes dealings, rapidly eroding ancient lands, and volatile shifting alliances, do you have what it takes to untangle the web?

Join The Egg Assembly in a race against time to uncover the clues and unearth the truth about this world and ours. Have you got what it takes to discover the answers? Choose your route carefully…

Routes is an online experience. A unique, interactive environmental crime thriller, played at home on a laptop or desktop device. Tickets will be sold per device, and Routes is suitable for individuals and families aged 14+.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I play?

Gameplay can take place at any point between 2pm-midnight on the day of your booked session. The experience will last for approximately one hour, where you will be able to hunt for clues and unravel the story. You can book a ticket up until 1pm on your chosen day of play.

Can I play more than once on the day I have booked for?

Yes, you are welcome to replay at any point between 2pm-midnight on the day of your booked session.

Do I need any ‘tech’?

Just a laptop or desktop device, plus an internet connection. Ideally

When do I get my log on details/password?

Your password is included with your ticket – make sure you select ‘Receive my tickets as e-tickets pon booking’. You will receive the rest of your joining instructions by email at least 24 hours prior to the date of your session.  If you do not receive your instructions please email egg.reception@theatreroyal.org.uk

Can I share my password?

No. Your access password is unique to you. Please do not share it. If another user tries to access Routes using your password, they may disrupt your experience, and will not be able to experience Routes themselves.

Does Routes work best on a particular browser?

Routes was designed to work best on Google Chrome, which you can download for free here. If you’re not in the UK a quick search should take you to the relevant download page for your country. Other internet browsers should function, but we will not be able to guarantee the quality of your experience. We also recommend you disable any ‘Ad Blockers’ you may have running, as this can also disrupt your experience.

Can I play with my family or friends via Zoom?

Routes is designed for playing on a single device (with one or more players gathered round) and you don’t need a Zoom account or similar to play. If you want to play with a team remotely, drop us a line on egg.reception@theatreroyal.org.uk and we can talk you through the possibilities/limitations.

Anything else I might need to know?

If you can, we suggest using the full screen function whilst with us, do keep your sound on and you may still want a good old fashioned pen and paper to make some notes!

Dates: 1st-30th June (excluding Sundays)

Session: 2pm-midnight

Ticket: £10 per screen (max 1 ticket per transaction)

Please select ‘Receive my tickets as e-tickets’ at the check-out to receive full instructions by email after booking. You can book a ticket up until 1pm on your chosen day of play.

  • Box Office phone lines are currently open from 10am – 6pm Monday – Saturday

Full terms and conditions of ticket bookings can be found here