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Atom and Luna

  • 8 - 9 October
Atom and Luna

Event Information

8 - 9 October 

Saturday: 11.30am & 3pm 
Sunday: 11.30am & 3pm 

Age: 7+

All Tickets: £10

Running Time: tbc

Murray Lachlan Young’s latest epic tale for families

Our heroes Atom and Luna (left home alone by their mother) are saved from starvation by the arrival of their magical child minder, Iffly Sney.

But Iffly falls terribly ill and only the twins can save him. They must harness the power of the moon and the forest to seek out the mysterious Old Mother Redbeard.

And so begins Atom & Luna’s journey, an adventure that will change their lives forever.

Created by BBC 6 Music’s poet in residence and children’s author Murray Lachlan Young.

8 – 9 October

Saturday: 11.30am (Signed Performance) & 3pm
Sunday: 11.30am (Relaxed Performance) & 3pm

Age: 7+

All Tickets: £10

Running Time: tbc

Relaxed Performances are open to everyone but particularly support children with additional needs. They are primarily designed to support people with autism, learning difficulties, or other sensory and communication needs by providing a more relaxed environment in which to experience a show. At a Relaxed Performance it’s OK to move around, make noise or to leave the auditorium.

Written by Murray Lachlan Young

Directed by Nina Hajiyianni

Designed by Bek Palmer

Produced by Matthew Linley for Funnelwick Limb

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