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The Grey Lady

The Theatre Royal Bath is the most haunted theatre in Britain

The Theatre Royal’s most famous ghost, her appearance is usually accompanied by the strong scent of jasmine. She is dressed in 18th Century evening dress with feathers in her hair. She has no colour, her whole figure appears as grey. At times she appears solid although sometimes as a wispy, smokey figure.

There are differing accounts as to her origin. The most popular version is that she is the ghost of a lady who killed herself after her husband killed her lover in a duel. The second account is that she fell madly in love with an actor at the theatre and spent all her time watching him from the top box. As her love was unrequitted she committed suicide. The third version is the same as the second one except that the roles of the lady and the actor are reversed. Her suicide is agreed in all versions. She hung herself behind a door in the Garrick’s Head, the theatre’s own pub. The Grey Lady’s favourite haunt in the theatre is the top left hand box facing the stage, although she has also appeared in the opposite box. She has also been seen in the corridor of the Dress Circle. It would seem that she just does a re-run of the same actions. The only adverse effect that she has is that after a sighting of her, most people feel depressed, as if they have absorbed the misery that she must have experienced when she took her own life.

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The Grey Lady

The Grey Lady

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